Top 11 Website Development And Design Trends To Watch Out in 2021

Below are some notable trends in web design and development to be seen in the year 2021–2022. Read on for more!

Top 11 Website Development And Design Trends To Watch Out in 2021

Change is the only constant. You must have heard this phrase quite a few times. Massive technology turnout in terms of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots, etc have already been a massive hit around the world. Technology trends, news, and opinion have always been the need of the hour. In this technology rush, trends in web design and development have always been the talk of the town with the inception of 2021. In the blog, I will try to reciprocate web design trends in 2021!

The modern website design trends in website development have taken 2021 by storm with the amalgamation of technology and innovation.

Let’s try and predict the future trends in web design and development that has a prominence to rule 2021.

Latest Trends in Website Development and Design are as follows:

I have tried to deliver the most prominent modern website design and development trends that you can realm your website on for a longer time effectively with desired results.

Now, let me try to put forward your focus on web design trends in website development that can derive results worth welcoming in the year 2021!

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

Top 10 Website Development and Design Trends In 2021 (Source: Google Images)

As per the newest website design trends, a heavy loaded optimized site that loads quickly is a thing of the past, we need sites that not only process quickly but can adapt and resemble as native mobile apps that have functionality, features, and versions which can solve the purpose for the user with an appealing user interface that will radiate customer conversions and engagement. These apps will allow them to have a feel-good factor just like their native mobile apps which allows them to navigate and communicate with different functionalities at the same time without compromising on the speed and interface. Many websites have been moving to PWA since 2015. The most common examples of famous companies using PWA are Telegram, Flipkart, etc.

2. Single Page Application (SPA):

web application development (Source: Google Images)

Another popular trend among web application development is Single Page Application (SPA) which can be used to maintain the durability of the website while optimizing the load time. SPA’s boosts performance by reducing website fetch time by rewriting the existing page instead of reloading. The working framework for SPA is JavaScript and it uses AJAX and HTML5 to create fluid and responsive Web apps. Companies using SPA’s are Google Maps, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

3. Chatbots Integration:

web trend for 2021 is chatbot integration (Source: Google Images)

The most predictable web trend for 2021 is chatbot integration that is an AI-driven program, which has increased the revenue surge of websites that have adopted the chatbots integration for their existing business websites. Chatbots have helped the businesses in increasing customer engagement that has forged business intelligence to come in picture and thus helps in creating a personalized human touch for the website through which companies like TechCrunch, NatGeo Genius have created a mark in the landing of Chatbots integrated websites.

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4. Motion UI:

What Motion UI can bring to the table? (Source: Google Images)

An appealing and enriching UI/UX can applaud the audience and enhance website user experience. Thus, increasing user interaction and traction for the website. What Motion UI can bring to the table? Motion UI can bring transition by translating reality into rich user experiences.

Do you know Enriching user experience with compelling website designs can be propelled with webpage designing tools? Popular examples have been stated in the blog below!

Curious? Read on to find more!

A great example of storytelling can be implemented through Motion UI when the user can converse in reality with actions taken on the website through motion graphics. Many companies have been embedding Motion UI for lesser bounce rates and optimization.

5. Mobile-Friendly Websites:

Latest Trends in Website Development and Design (Source: Google Images)

According to Statistics, the number of mobile users has been estimated to increase by five million in 2021. The stats clearly explains the importance of mobile-friendly optimized websites for better throughput and user experience. Google’s recent update on Mobile-First Indexing has managed to grab eyeballs and websites have started to optimize them for the mobile screens that offer the same quality, features, and renderability even on the most compact mobile screens.

Create compelling website designs with webpage designing tools here: TOOLS

6. Javascript:

The most preferred programming language to develop web applications as per the trends in 2018 is Javascript. It has been said that Javascript has been adding many other libraries and frameworks that are more robust to develop web applications like never before. Although, there have been debates about between React vs Angular. According to Google Trends, it has been estimated that React will be gaining an edge over Angular in 2021.

Did your website has an older framework? Do you want to revamp your entire website? Hire dedicated web application developers right away!

7. Google AMP:

Hire dedicated web application developers, If you want precise suggestion for your requirement (Source: Google Images)

Who better understands the importance of AMP pages other than a web developer which reduces the website load time and rendering process to a minimum. Who doesn’t want their websites load within a fraction of seconds? It has been one of the most important criteria suggested by Google to rank your websites in SERP. The trend of AMP will dominate this year as well as it is highly recommended to optimize your website pages for AMP rendering.

8. User Behaviour Tracking Applications:

outsource web development and design projects for better analysis (Source: Google Images)

Who doesn’t want to track user behavior and improve their existing cycle of conversions? Don’t you worry, now you can easily track user behavior through user tracking web applications that can easily be used to understand customer interest, buying patterns, behavior, etc? A much deeper insight on how your website is approached by the end-users gives you an edge over your competitors and thus will help in bridging the gap between existing, non-returning and new customers. It will help in identifying & rectifying the existing loopholes that have laid down your website performance. It is always an advisable practice to have this web application

9. Artificial Intelligence:

Best and Latest web app development Trend (Source: Google Images)

Artificial Intelligence(AI) has turned out to be one of the major web development trends in 2021. It gives a machine the ability to think like a human and graph out the activities like collecting and analyzing data to understand human emotions that will help in solving the most complex and challenging situations. The prevalent need for AI-enabled communication, automation, and multi-tasking will be seen this year.

Let’s see how this trend will prove its mantle in the web development trends arena.

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10. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Popular Trend- Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (Source: Google Images)

There has been a lot of buzz around Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality since the year of their inception last two years back. There have been trends around these two radiating technology that has hit the market with the latest innovation. Many companies like Alibaba, Apple, etc have been adopting these technologies for their products and services. While Virtual Reality will create a visual experience of a digital world whereas Augmented Reality will transform the digital experience through impeccable replicas of 3D driven objects that will add an extra edge to the user experience.

These two technologies laid down the tremendous scope for web app developers to create user enriching experience that can go a long way.

Since I have spoken about the latest web application trends for 2021, there can be other trends that could prove befitting for your business.

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11. CyberSecurity

In this rapidly changing technology environment, modern website design can open doors for developers and designers to unleash their creative pursuits to create the newest website design from scratch with the help of webpage designing tool that eases out their process and deliver optimal results on time.

If we think primarily from the concept of website designing and how we can create compelling website designs, for that we can consider a webpage designing tool that can help us in creating designs that are worth looking forward to. Let me give you a few examples of some of the popular webpage designing tool which you can use for your next project.

A few popular examples are Adobe xD, Sketch, Figma, etc.

Final Words:

Every business is different. Business requirements, scope, and revenues vary from one industry to another. It is thus important for a confined choice to look for options that suit the best for your business. Many enterprises outsource their web development and design projects for better productivity, timely results and cost optimization. So, if you are looking forward to outsource your next project, consider offshore web developers.

If you are still confused about your requirements and integration of web app development services for your existing business. Don’t worry, I got you covered, outsource your next web development project which can turn out to be a hassle-free experience at cost-effective prices.

Thanks for reading!



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