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Let’s see why to choose Kotlin in 2021?

Kotlin has become the language of choice for the Android development industry. Here we’ve talked about why you should choose Kotlin to build your business apps. Read on here to know why!

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  1. In just three years, Kotlin is now used by 7.8% of the industry experts.
  2. According to StackOverflow, Kotlin was the 4th most beloved language in 2020 with 62.9% votes.
  3. Kotlin is now listed among the top 20 programming languages by Redmonk.
  4. Kotlin is among the top 3 languages that most businesses are planning to migrate their apps to in 2021.
  5. In January 2021, Kotlin released version 1.4, and the next one will come in June 2021
  6. With Kotlin Multiplatform, now it is possible to build cross-platform apps using Kotlin.
  7. Kotlin is used by global companies like Google, NetFlix, Amazon, Trello…

MEAN Enables Use Of JavaScript Everywhere & Offers Higher Scalability

MEAN stack is JavaScript-based and makes enterprise application development efficient & faster. Glean insight into why you must choose it

There is a huge buzz around the world for the MEAN stack for web and mobile application development. Surely, you, too, would be tempted to use this technology stack for creating your enterprise application. Software firms around the world are implementing the amalgamation of various technologies to cater to dynamic and swift loading applications.

In the combination of these technologies, MEAN is the most sought-after combination that attracts both developers and businesses. Despite its popularity, there are several questions that arise while using this tech combination for enterprise application development.

In this article, we will take a glance at the…

How fintech companies can use Big Data effectively

Big Data can solve a number of problems in the financial industry and enable effective administration. Take a glance at major advancements.

Fintech is growing rapidly, not just companies are eager to embrace the tech to enhance processes but consumers are accepting these changes positively. In this space, the arrival of Big data has become a major point of interest, and fintech businesses are eager to leverage its potential. Let’s understand how this is significant in 2021.

Fintech Industry & Big Data

Actually, the fintech service industry has been altered by innovative progressions. The manner by which banks and fintech undertakings work today has been in a general sense changed by technological headways.

Various points of interest can be recognized through Big Data solutions and Data science…

The most popular programming languages list available here will help your business in making the right choice for the next project

Here, the most popular programming languages 2021 listing is present; this list will help you choose the best language for web and mobile app development.

Several programming languages are there; still, new ones are constantly emerging. But the major concern is which one running the whole market or which programming language is the most popular and well suited for web and mobile app development.

It is not so simple to list down the most popular programming languages 2021. But this task can be executed efficiently by considering various metrics, such as technology popularity, trends, career-prospects, open-source, etc.

IEEE spectrum comes with the listing sheet of top programming language 2021. The list of the programming language is based on popularity.

What factors to consider while building a real-time messaging application?

Let’s find out ways how to build a perfect messaging app with low apps development services budget in 2021.

factors to consider while building a real-time messaging application

Developing a messaging app is one of the smartest ideas for an entrepreneur. You must be thinking why I am saying so? But, the reason is simple as the “messaging app” has proved to be a powerful source of communication among people as well as businesses.

In fact, the popularity of these messaging apps has reached its peak during pandemic times. This time has realized the importance of having such apps in our life. …

Here, you can view the estimated Cost To Form A Social Media App. This will help your business estimate the costing of an app

Businesses can easily estimate the cost to build a social media app by considering various factors such as app features, functionalities, complexity, and more. Here you can view the estimated cost to form a social media app.

Source: Google Images (quora)

Worldwide approximately 7.8 billion people are there. Out of 7.8 billion people, approx 3.6 billion people are active on social media in 2020, and this number will increase reach by 4.41 billion in 2025. This stats clearly defines how social media app usage day-by-day is expanding globally.

Kotlin vs Java war; this will help businesses choose the best between Kotlin and Java technology for Android app development.

Here, Kotlin vs Java parameters are mentioned, those will help your business choose the best programming language for Android app development.

Developing Android applications is a fabulous option to attain success in your business, but along with that picking up the best programming language is the real challenge. In the market “n” numbers of technologies are there and choosing the best among them is like searching for the needle in the grass.

Here I will talk about only two trending technologies that are Kotlin and Java. Well, these two technologies are very famous for Android app development, but the difficulty arises when businesses need to choose anyone between Kotlin and Java. …

What does the future hold? Here are the forecasted mobile app trends for 2021 on the basis of Stats.

Top 8 Mobile application development trends. We all know how much technology is focused and new trends so moving along with trends is important for business growth. Let’s read more about trends.

Mobile Tech Trends 2021: Era of Immersive Technologies

Mobile apps have brought innovations and modified the way of working, shopping, and communicating. During 2020 and 2021, several different technological progressions influenced app development; it finally helped small, moderate, and large enterprises in expanding business growth.

Worldwide by 2021, there will be 3.8 billion smartphone users, and it has been predicted that the count of the same will gradually increase year by year.

What’s the Best Tech Stack for Mobile App Development? Read To Know

Which is the Best Tech Stack for Mobile Application Development? Kotlin, React Native, Ionic, Xamarin, Objective-C, Swift, JAVA… Which One?

Image Source: Google

Technology Stack for smartphones is like what blood is for the human body. Without a technology stack, it is hard even to imagine smartphones. Having a smartphone in uncountable hands is rising exponentially. For tech pundits, this is one unmissable aspect of our digital experience wherein tech stack is as critical as ROI.

The riveting experience for a successful mobile app predominantly depends on technology stacks.

The unbiased selection of mobile apps development language facilitates developers to build smooth, functional, efficient apps. They help businesses tone down the costs, focus on revenue-generation opportunities. …

Latest Enterprise software development technologies

Here is the list of best software development technologies that can help in making better business plans, Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Bigdata. etc are currently the most growing software technologies in 2021. Read on to know how they can do wonders for your business.

Globalization has impelled start-ups, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and other businesses to stretch arms and think beyond the old and traditional methodology and practices for software application development.

That being said, enterprise software has its own special set of priorities. The architecture must be scalable but cost-effective, secure but easy to use, and most of all it must deliver the kind of high-quality user experience that gets results.

Trying to balance commercial pressures with technical realities can be a challenge even for experienced developers.

What gives those experienced developers the edge is knowing the best tools for the job?

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