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I am a tech enthusiast, project manager and a passionate writer with digital thinking. I write about latest technologies ie Blockchain, IoT, AI for ValueCoders.

Find the Best Platform to develop web applications

Know the best web development platforms (AngularJS, NodeJS, Ruby on Rail, ReactJS, ASP.Net) for developing fast, scalable, and simple web applications.

best web development platforms: (AngularJS, NodeJS, Ruby on Rail, ReactJS, ASP.Net)

Businesses have to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the ever-changing tech landscape.

Businesses have to keep their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the ever-changing tech landscape.

With web applications permeating every industry, savvy companies have been looking for ways to secure their slice of the pie. And when it comes to building a web application — no matter how complex or large — picking a web development platform is a decision with far-fetching outcomes as it makes up the backbone, the linchpin that holds your application together.

It can be…

With Advantages of MERN Stack, You Can Build Start-up apps With Ease

To make any app successful, it is always prudent to use the right technology. MERN stack gives your leverage for front-end and back-end development.

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If you’re a start-up, everything is new for you, however tech-savvy you’re. Running a business wagon wheel and being — — a cog of the wheel — are two different things.

According to this Investopedia report, 20% of start-ups fall flat in the first year. And only 25% of the enterprises cross the 15-year mark.

Choosing the right technology stack emerges to be the first roadblock other than investments. For businesses to ensure rapid web development with outstanding features, selecting the right tech stack delivers a captivating web experience to users. …

Find out what are the things you should consider while designing apps for iOS and Android.

If you are planning to design native applications on Android and iOS, you must know that these two platforms have vastly different design guidelines. Apple follows HIG that is flat design and Android is based on material design. Read this blog and find out the differences between these platforms.

Differences between designing Android and iOS native apps

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When developing a mobile app for iOS or Android, there are a few things to consider as to what are the best practices that would optimize app performance and user experience. That’s what we call the iOS and Android UI. The smartphone market is divided into two main platforms: iOS by Apple and Android by Google, with their own design style that defines how applications should work and look. Let us guide you through the key differences between iOS and Android.

To tailor an app design properly, you need to follow the platform guidelines, that is, the…

An in-depth comparison b/w blockbuster technologies of 2021 to pay off web development goals. Find answers to all looming questions.

Which is the best programming technology for web app development in the year 2021? This is one of the most debated questions among web programmers, students, and companies

PHP Vs Python Vs Rub

Image source

Whether you are a beginner web developer or a startup owner, choosing the right technology to start with would be your first concern. While technology selection plays a significant role in the life of a developer, for businesses, the overall web development and maintenance depends on it.

Thus, making a perfect language with reference to both current trends and future needs is critical. Currently, three programming languages for web development is the major point of interest among both developers and businesses: PHP VS Python VS Ruby.

Surely, if you have to decide one from PHP VS Python VS…

Expand Your Business Reach by Avoiding 11 Common Mistakes in Android App Development

A good mobile app can help you generate good revenue & sales. So, avoid these common mistakes in Android app development and gear up to target a fresh set of experienced audiences for maximum profit.

11 Android App Development Mistakes That Can Crash Apps

Do you know in 2021, the annual sales of smartphones have increased to nearly 1.56 billion units across the globe? Smartphones that are running the Android operating system closely-held more than 90.0% share of the global market in 2021.

Further, there are over 3.0 million apps on Apple Store, and Google Play Store combined, and there are more Android apps in the Google Play Store than iOS apps in the Apple Store.

Undoubtedly, a mobile app can be a kick at the bottle for the business, but it can also help you to optimize the internal business process and marketing…

Full Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: Which one will be the best for app development

Here viewing Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack: Which one will be the best for app development blog you will be able to know about three-stack technologies.

Full-Stack vs MEAN Stack vs MERN Stack

Each day the mobile and web app market is growing, and along with that, competition among the app is also increasing; due to this reason, now businesses only focus on building a leading application instead of creating a normal app.

There are stacks of technologies that can be used for web and mobile app development. But there is always a buzz about picking the best Stack for custom app development.

Before choosing the best stack technology (Full-Stack vs MEAN vs MERN), it is crucial to understand what Stack is, as knowing this, you will be only able to pick the…

App Trends That You Must Not Miss Out

Unraveled: Top 10 Mobile App Trends & Ideas In 2021

Mobile App Development Trends & Ideas

Haven’t you thought about creating a mobile app to expand your customer outreach in 2021? Undoubtedly, many experts would have told you to do, and you probably would be thinking out loud to invest in mobile app development to improve your customer reach and expand the business.

Though, you must be having several doubts and questions looming over your head like dark clouds. True???

So, having headaches & can’t decide what to pick and why? Don’t worry; here I am enumerating mobile app development trends & ideas that you must know. …

Travel App Development Can Save Your Drowning Business During COVID

Travel apps can help small businesses regain a hold on a dying market. Glean insights about travel app development & why to invest in it.

The mobile comes with handy options when it comes to planning your travel. Currently, 80% of travelers use mobile for planning their travel trips and find the best option for trips. Indeed, the coronavirus has a negative impact on this market. However, the businesses are coming back to their previous state with the initiation of vaccinating.

If you are striving to boost your travel business growth and drive in more revenue, it is the perfect time to leverage the earnestness of people to travel and their mode of search on mobile. …

Let’s see why to choose Kotlin in 2021?

Kotlin has become the language of choice for the Android development industry. Here we’ve talked about why you should choose Kotlin to build your business apps. Read on here to know why!

Source (Google Images)
  1. In just three years, Kotlin is now used by 7.8% of the industry experts.
  2. According to StackOverflow, Kotlin was the 4th most beloved language in 2020 with 62.9% votes.
  3. Kotlin is now listed among the top 20 programming languages by Redmonk.
  4. Kotlin is among the top 3 languages that most businesses are planning to migrate their apps to in 2021.
  5. In January 2021, Kotlin released version 1.4, and the next one will come in June 2021
  6. With Kotlin Multiplatform, now it is possible to build cross-platform apps using Kotlin.
  7. Kotlin is used by global companies like Google, NetFlix, Amazon, Trello…

MEAN Enables Use Of JavaScript Everywhere & Offers Higher Scalability

MEAN stack is JavaScript-based and makes enterprise application development efficient & faster. Glean insight into why you must choose it

There is a huge buzz around the world for the MEAN stack for web and mobile application development. Surely, you, too, would be tempted to use this technology stack for creating your enterprise application. Software firms around the world are implementing the amalgamation of various technologies to cater to dynamic and swift loading applications.

In the combination of these technologies, MEAN is the most sought-after combination that attracts both developers and businesses. Despite its popularity, there are several questions that arise while using this tech combination for enterprise application development.

In this article, we will take a glance at the…

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